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Capture, share and manage all your research resources in Heurist's simple web interface - accessible anywhere, anytime.

Heurist gives you instant access to personal and shared information - from everyday web bookmarks to bibliographic and research data - with free-text and advanced search functions.

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Wherever you are - from your office desk to an airport lounge in Chicago or an internet cafe in Khatmandu - Heurist's free-text and Advanced searches put your resources at your fingertips. Bookmark anything you come across, then find it with one or two words from the title, by tags or by free text search within records.

Advanced Search allows exploration of the full Heurist collection and fine-grained selection of sets of records. The Advanced Search query builder builds familiar Google-like syntax for you, extended with many new features, or you can type advanced queries directly in the search box. Searches can be saved for future use, for publishing to web sites or shared with colleagues.

See also: Quick Search

See also: Advanced Search

Import existing bookmarks and bibliographies and collect new research resources as you go.

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Start your collection by importing your existing bookmarks, bibliographic databases and other research data. Build it by instant bookmarking of web pages, harvesting bookmarks from web pages and importing bibliographic data from libraries. Add new records or edit existing records in form view. Add personal notes, images, documents and other files to any record. Control access to records by workgroups.

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Share resources with workgroups or groups of colleagues you define, find new resources

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Most resources in Heurist are available to all users, but you can create resources which are only available to members of a workgroup, or visible to everyone but controlled by a workgroup. Use advanced search and social bookmarking to find related material bookmarked by colleagues and bookmark them into your space with a couple of clicks. Build lists of colleagues and notify everyone on your lists about new resource(s) and/or send reminders at specified intervals. Share information without cutting and pasting URLs or sending files.

See also: Groups

See also: Share Records

Define, print and publish dynamically-generated sets of resources on your teaching and research web pages: bibliographies, annotated lists, maps, timelines, feeds.

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Use tagging and advanced search to identify and sort the resources you need, save them as a search and publish them with the Publish and Map functions. Heurist will render search results in many form - formatted lists with full or partial record data, Google Earth or Google Maps (with timeline), RSS feed, XML, KML etc. - and gives you the HTML code to generate the same output live in your web site. New output styles can be developed easily through stylesheets.

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